Sep. 6, 2019

How To Buy NBA 2K20 MT on u4gm

U4GM is a professional supplier with five years of experience in-game currency trading. Our business experience enables us to deal with all kinds of problems efficiently and confidently and to satisfy our customers. our products are cheaper than our peers, and our delivery is fast. 90% of customers can get our products within 10 minutes after successful payment. Our NBA 2k20 mt coins source is very reliable, the trade is very safe and will take responsibility. As a result, today's u4gm has a good reputation and good customer support.

The way to buy NBA 2k20 mt in u4gm

1. Open the website, select the game device platforms (PC, PS 4, or Xbox One) and the amount of MT you need, and then purchase.

2. Some more specific details need to be provided so that we can deliver the money to you through the auction house transaction.

Player name.
Auction time. Suggest setting the time at greater than 23 hours.
Starting bid. Choose a Starting bid that is more peculiar, like 31750, for example, instead of the 32000 flat.
Buy it now price. This is the amount of MT you are planning to Buy.

3. Fill in the correct personal information and choose the payment method. Then submit the order. (It is especially important that the email address and phone number are filled incorrectly. We will communicate with you via email or phone during the order process.)

Places to pay attention to in trading

In order to ensure the delivery speed of NBA 2K20, please fill in the following information:

1. To ensure the auction duration is as accurate as possible, the best auction duration is longer than 24 hours.

2. Please complete the payment as soon as possible after filling in the correct transaction information to ensure that the time you entered is correct.

3. If you purchase more than 100,000, please post two or more players as the maximum purchase for one card is 100,000.

4. If you purchase more than 100K, such as 1000K, please fill in the details of other 9 players (such as name, rating, offer, etc.) in the comments/questions, we will send you as soon as possible after receiving. You can also send us the picture and order number of the card.

What if I don't receive the NBA 2K20 MT?

Under normal circumstances, your order will be completed within 5-30 minutes, and the latest time is less than 24h. If you do not receive the MT, please log in to the email you wrote in the order. Because if there is a problem with your order, our staff will send you an email to contact you. Of course, you also can contact our 24/7 online customer service directly through LiveChat.

The NBA 2K20 will be your favorite game of 2019. At the same time, I hope you enjoy shopping at u4gm, we will provide you with the best service.